Renault Twingo Game

Can be viewed here.

This was originally briefed as part of a homepage takeover with multiple videos but as we’d done that quite a lot before, I recommended that we take sections of the video and turn them into a top-down driving game.

The car includes steering behaviour to move towards the mouse in a realistic way and each section includes an activity which can be interacted with: the ramp will allow the car to jump, the balls can be bounced around, the speedway will temporarily take over your driving and the paint splats will allow you to make your own Jackson Pollock.

Update: 2014-11-18 The game just got rolled out for the 3rd time running due to great stats. A very pleased client!

Renault Clio Summer Season What Car Homepage Takeover

Can be viewed on DoubleClick here.

This was an After Effects project where the butterflies were animated in 3D in After Effects and then animated onstage using swarming techniques to provide a more natural, wind-blown feel and a 3D camera to provide depth of field effects.

The syncing banners were then build for DoubleClick using AS3 with a custom set of classes to make managing the DoubleClick components and the syncing a little more efficient.

Nik Nak Shak

A work in progress can be viewed here.

This was originally scoped as a Flash build where a group of characters would be constantly moving around in a house, interacting with each other and their environment. At any time a user could come and watch them and see how their favourite character was doing. Over time, the users would vote for their favourite character and the one with the least votes would then be removed from the house – it kinda sounds like a show that sounds a bit like schmig schmother, doesn’t it? 🙂

The scope was eventually broadened to include tablets and mobile phones so the choice was made to scrap the flash and move to a canvas prototype. Unfortunately, the project ended up getting scrapped due to a change of management at the clients but as a proof of concept, this was worth holding on to.


SCA Libero Site

This can be viewed here.

This was a front-end build using JQuery, LESS, FullPage.js, Masonry, font-awesome and Fancybox.

It was created with a view that it would be translated and rolled out across multiple sites in multiple languages by teams of multiple levels of seniority so it had to be created fairly simply and easily to understand.

Renault Summer Promo 2013 Weather-drive Homepage Takeover

Can be viewed on DoubleClick here.

On this Homepage Takeover, the MPU (300×250) polled the DoubleClick API for the Lat/Long coordinates and fed that to a custom-built weather API (that used the Met Office API) to return the weather in the area that the user was in.

This was then used to change the weather in the banner and the messaging to match. There were various animation techniques used for the weather effects – the storm / rain effects were particularly interesting as they used a combination of noise filters with vertical blurring to create the feeling of rain.


Renault Clio IV Boom Flash and HTML5 Expanding Banner

Can be viewed on DoubleClick here.

This was a fairly simple expanding banner with a neat skew/rotate trick to make the wheels looks like they were turning, however the client liked it so much that they decided that they would want to see it on their tablets as well so the scope was increased to include an HTML5 version.

The DoubleClick support for HTML5 was still in its infancy and this represented the first HTML5 expanding banner that Publicis London had done so it was all new ground. The results were very close to the Flash (there is a toggle between Flash and HTML5 just above the banner in the link).